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Who We Are

What do we do?

Members of the Business Analytics and Consulting Association participate in many valuable activities throughout the semester. We bring in speakers from reputable companies who work in the fields of analytics and consulting and are interested in hiring driven individuals like yourself. Beyond our speaker meetings, we offer other enriching programming for our members in the form of workshops, where we present valuable professional development opportunities so that you can learn hard and soft skills that will help you land a job in analytics or consulting and hit the ground running once you start. We also offer social and service opportunities for you to impact the community and network with other students with similar interests.

By participating in our activities, you'll be well-positioned to earn the Professional Distinction, an achievement backed by the Department of Marketing at Texas A&M. The distinction will demonstrate your passion for the field to employers and is offered exclusively by our organization. You will be connected with individual learning resources to meet the additional requirements for receiving this recognition.

Check out our calendar of events here.

What is the Professional Distinction?

When do you meet?

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